our mission ..In a hurry to help ..

Medical professionals,  key workers,  healthcare workers in care homes, teachers, cleaners, delivery drivers, food providers all need our help.

 They are on the frontline saving our lives with little protective equipment, whilst providing important services during this COVID19 pandemic . 

It is our mission to help and support our heroes  

So far we have donated  ….

 100 Surgical Gowns (eco reusable) to Royal Marsden Cancer Trust 

5000 Face Masks to Care Homes & Hospices

500 Towels for NHS hospitals to use to help staff  decontaminate after a long shift 

500 sets of scrubs (more being made) to London, Manchester, Oxfordshire, Lancashire, Cambridgeshire, Hospitals and Hospices 

100's of Headbands/Ear Protectors to Frontline Carers 

500 Face Visors to Frontline workers 

Should you wish to donate please see our Donate page. 

To avoid Paypal charges we can also accept donations to our Bank Account : Covid Smart  Sort Code 23-69-72  Account Number : 23294741 

you can also email hello@covidsmart.co.uk