Private COVID-19 Testing

Private Covid19 Testing Services & PCR Tests

PCR Test

Covid19 Testing using the PCR Test – Current Infection

If you need a “fit to travel certificate” to show you are not carrying the Covid-19 virus to travel on business or on holiday, then this is the Covid19 testing service you need. You can attend our clinic for us to carry out the test, or you can be sent a test kit you can do the test at home and post it to the lab.

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Same Day and Next day test results are available for tests carried out at our clinics. Your test result certificates will be sent to you via email. We carry out Covid19 testing in our clinic by appointment only for the safety of everyone.  – Book Here

What Happens?

A swab will be placed at the back of your throat and up your nose to your nasopharyngeal area to collect the sample. Analysis of extracted genetic material is performed using a validated methodology (RT-PCR) to confirm the presence or absence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Emergency Covid-19 RT-PCR tests can be carried out within 3-6 hours Monday to Saturdays. They are at a higher cost due to increased lab and courier costs – please message for urgent requirements and a quotation for your private Covid-19 Test requirements. We also have door to door home service and same day courier service – please email for details at

When will I get my results?

For morning private Covid-19 test appointments up to 9.30am we provide same day Results/certificate emailed to you same day between 5pm – midnight.

Appointments that are after this time will have results sent to you within 24 hours

1-3 Hour service available please email for details

24–48-hour service available please email for details

Postal Service is not a guaranteed turnaround time, and the lab will issue travel PCR results within 24-48 hours after receiving sample and Day 2 /8 tests aim for within 48-72 hours.


Everyone arriving to the UK from international destinations currently require two Covid-19 tests. One on Day 2 (for Covid-19 Variants) and one on Day 8 RT-PCR – we can offer the two-test package by postal service sent out to your home for self-testing.

Here is the government information for such tests

Red List Countries must follow Government isolation and testing procedures and cannot purchase tests from Covid Smart. The red list of countries is regularly updated and can be found here