Rapid Antigen Covid Tests for Travellers

A negative Covid-19 test has become mandatory for travelling to many countries, including travelling into the UK. Travellers are required to carry a Fit to Fly certificate, which is a negative Covid test document. The certificate is only issued following a negative RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen test. Covid Smart is a government-listed private Covid testing service that offers both RT-PCR and Lateral Flow Antigen Tests. Depending on the country you’re visiting and its requirements, you can choose to undergo either of these tests from Covid Smart and get the Fit to Fly certificate you need to safely travel to your desired destination. Although both the tests are efficient in detecting Covid-19, the Lateral Flow Antigen test is much quicker and easier to perform and process and can be done by individuals themselves, at home or away.

What are Rapid Antigen Tests?

The Lateral Flow Rapid Antigen Test is a cost-effective and convenient Covid-19 test that depends on the detection of proteins created by the virus. It gives results within 20 mins and is approved in many countries including Italy, Germany, the US, Portugal, France, and the UK. It is generally taken 48 hours before travel, but individual country requirements may differ (Please check the country requirements before booking).

How Can you Get a Fit to Fly Certificate from Covid Smart?

Covid Smart offers a quick and convenient way of getting a Fit to Fly certificate for travelling, through the rapid Antigen home testing kits. Our approved home testing Antigen kits meet the correct sensitivity and specificity for travel purposes for outbound and inbound travel. Once you receive the rapid Antigen Covid test kit, you can carry your test out under the supervision of our nurses at the clinic who will certify your result and provide your travel certificate. Alternatively, you can book a video call at home or abroad and the certificate for travel will be emailed to you (All Antigen clinic and video tests require an appointment).

The UK allows Antigen tests to be taken 3 days before coming back to the UK. This means you can buy your test kit, take it away with you, set up a video call with our team, and forget about the stress of finding a clinic in your resort abroad! We’ll send your travel certificate via email on verification of your result, so you are all set for your return journey. You can purchase your Antigen test (with free shipping) here.

How to Order Antigen Test Kits from Us?

1) Purchase the home test Antigen kits from our online shop. we will post them out to you (Please order 3 days in advance of needing them so they reach you on time). You can also buy them at our clinic if you prefer.

2) After purchasing your kit, book your appointment and select the time and date you require your outbound or inbound tests to be carried out.

3) One of our nurses will contact you with further instructions for your video call.

Why Should You Choose Covid Smart for Lateral Flow Antigen Covid Tests?

At Covid Smart, we understand how bothersome booking Covid tests can be, especially when you have several other travelling arrangements to take care of before flying out of the country. This is why we offer hassle-free Antigen testing to individuals and businesses who want to make the most of their trip without worrying about booking Covid tests abroad. Our friendly and experienced nurses will assist you at the clinic or on a video call, with all aspects of testing including adequate and correct sample collection, testing, and reading the result, so you can have a stress-free testing experience with minimum discomfort. You will also get your Fit to Fly certificate on the same day of the test, so you have everything you need well in advance of your flight.