Testing, tracking, and isolating – these are the three things that have been helping us fight Coronavirus better. Regular testing has played a vital role in allowing people to return to a bit of normalcy following a year of living under restrictions and lockdowns. Especially when it comes to travelling abroad, Covid testing has made it possible for us to travel safely to many countries. Private RT-PCR and Lateral Flow Antigen tests are two of the most accepted Covid testing methods around the globe. They are mandatory for travelling to a vast majority of countries. The Rapid Antigen test, in particular, is considered the most cost-effective and convenient Covid test that is recommended and accepted in many prominent nations.

So Why Are Rapid Antigen Tests So Popular?

One of the biggest reasons why Lateral Flow Antigen tests are so popular is their easy process. The test can be performed and processed at home and requires minimal skills to get it right. Moreover, it has a quick turnaround time of 20 mins after which the result can be read and interpreted easily.

Rapid Antigen tests are extensively being used as screening tests by people who are travelling abroad and are required to carry a Fit to Fly certificate from their departure country. They are low cost and do not need to be processed in a laboratory. Hence, their production, distribution, and processing costs significantly less than RT-PCR tests. This makes their large scale use more convenient and cost-effective.

Covid Smart Antigen Testing with Video Call

If you’re planning to travel or are returning from abroad and are looking for a government-listed private Covid testing service that offers Lateral Flow Antigen Tests, Covid Smart is just what you need. We can provide Fit to Fly certificates on the same day you take the Rapid Antigen test in our Greater Manchester clinic or at home, so you have everything you need before your flight. Once you’ve received your Antigen testing kit and booked a video call appointment, our qualified nurse will guide you during the test and issue the Fit to Fly certificate upon a negative result. Purchase our home Antigen test with video call and travel safely and worry-free!